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Making Dreams Come True

If you have a vision for your event we will discuss your requirements and produce a creative and practical plan of action. We've installed tents in so many different places - attached to houses - in busy festivals - in the city of London - and we make them work because the poles and the shape of the tent can be adapted to specific needs. We love parties. And we love providing the solutions to make them how you want them to be. Hard-wearing, sturdy, and versatile. Just like our tents.

Phil and Romany Hamilton-Harry
Founders & Creative Directors

Turning a Vision into Reality

Phil has years of experience in the Event Industry through the installation of structures, managing festivals, and sound engineering. He has worked with traditional canvas marquees as well as huge clear span metal framed tents in the US and now brings all those skills to creating adaptable, practical and magical spaces with Stretch Tents.

Phil Harry
Founder and Installation Specialist

Practical advice, vision and reassurance. 

Romany is a brilliant communicator who knows how to get things done. She has years of experience n the retail sector as a manager for Tiffany's The Jeweller and now brings those valuable skills to the events business. She has great vision for a successful party or outdoor space and will make you feel completely secure in the knowledge that everything is being done to take your event from idea to showtime!

Romany Hamilton
Founder and Creative Director
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